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List Price: $34.95
Price: $34.95


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Adept Altimeters

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Q: What is the best way to store and protect my Altimeter or other electronic device. A: The precision amplifier circuitry and continuity sensing circuitry on an Altimeter may be sensitive to noise and static when being held. Always handle any electronic device by the edges when testing or installing to avoid touching any of the circuitry. Avoid carpeted floors and other sources of static electricity when handling and testing an electronic device. Never store in a clear plastic bag; however, pink-colored or smoke-colored antistatic bags are ideal. Storage in a small cardboard box, or wrapped in a paper towel inside a plastic bag is acceptable. Do not use Velcro to secure the device. Use care to keep the device clean and dry.

Q: I hear that a handy way to mount an electronic device in a rocket is with Velcro. Is this a good idea? A: Nope! Velcro is a very good insulator, and tremendous static voltages can build up on the device, especially where humidity is low. Also, when Velcro is pulled apart, arcing from tremendously high voltage static electricity occurs (try this in a dark room).

Q: How about mounting the device on insulated mounts. A: Still not a good idea. When a rocket moves through the air, especially at high speed, the rocket body can build up a significant static charge (this happens with clouds before they generate lightning). The insulated device still has the original charge it had on the ground. A static discharge arc from the inside of the rocket body to the electronic device can damage the device. Note: mounting the device with metal screws to wood or cardboard or metal will limit the buildup of static electricity.


The A1E is a Maximum Altitude Altimeter that precisely measures, saves, and reports the maximum above-ground altitude value obtained during a rocketís flight. The A1 and A1E save and report altitude values to a resolution of one foot. The A1ME saves and reports altitude values to the resolution of 1/10 of one meter. The A1E is very small and light weight. It was designed specially for use in small contest rockets, for use in schools in science and math studies, or for use in small diameter rockets or darts.

A1E - measures altitudes to 15,000 feet above ground level.

Includes GP-23A battery!
A $3.99 value!

Instruction Sheet

Why is our price higher than Adept's ?

Adept does not have a dealer program!
We purchase them at list price and mark them up LESS than the FEE they charge for shipping.

Overall, with one stop shopping at CDI Rocketry, you will save money.

This way you can order from one site and save on your overall shipping fee. Our site also shows if we have stock, this way there is NO waiting for your altimeter.
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