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Kevlar 200 Pound Test - Braided Tubular  
Kevlar 200 Pound Test - Braided Tubular

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Price: $0.50


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Kevlar 200 Pound Test
200 Pound Test (Minimum) Kevlar Shock Cord
Meets MILITARY Specifications
Tested by a government certified machine for tensile strength!
Factory Fresh not SECONDS!    
Color: Natural Kevlar Yellow
Construction: Braided Tubular
Width: 0.051 inches
Thickness: 0.024 inches


Used for model rocket shock cord, replace elastic or bungee type cords.

High strength - 200 + pounds and Heat Resistance to 1400 Degrees makes this a perfect rocketry shock cord.

Due to the fact there is very little stretch in this Kevlar we suggest using a long section as your shock cord mounts will be under a greater amount of stress. We suggest mounting this cord to an engine mount centering ring or an additional upper centering ring.

This cord is designed for even small Estes / Quest type model rockets.

On small Estes / Quest rockets we suggest you use 5 to 10 feet of this recovery shock cord. Please keep in mind this cord is inexpensive, why ruin a rocket because you wanted to save a dollar on shock cord. If you have a payload section or your rocket breaks in the center we suggest you use a bit longer section of cord.

If you think ahead and buy a longer section for use in a small diameter rocket the shock cord can be used as RECOVERY WADDING. Coil up the cord and place it in before the parachute and presto! You have FREE recovery wadding.

Ever lose a rocket due to shock cord failure? Sure I bet we all have. The Estes rubber band type elastic gets dry and brittle when it encounters ejection gases. The next flight may be your last before your shock cord breaks. So don't watch as you nose cone and parachute float away and rocket crashes, BUY this KEVLAR today.

This is an inexpensive UPGRADE that should be done on on every rocket you purchase. Why not purchase another centering ring to fit that kit. Mount it near the top of the rocket and attach you Kevlar to it. Now you have a strong mount and the centering ring will keep your parachute and shock cord from traveling back into your rocket upon launch! Defeat inertia today with an additional centering ring. By keeping your parachute near the top of your rocket you will not have parachute deployment issues. Just leave enough room for the chute - shock cord and nose cone shoulder add an extra inch just to be safe and place your upper ring there!
Kevlar 200 Pound Test - Braided Tubular 
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