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Manufacturer: Rosue Tech

List Price: $102.99
Price: $89.99

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Rouse Tech

Reload hardware for use with aerotech reload rocket fuel

As an Authorized AeroTech hardware manufacturer, Rouse Tech's product line includes every piece of hardware needed for every Aero-Tech RMS (tm) motor. We start with our 18 millimeter hardware set and finish off with the 98 millimeter hardware. Our rocket motor hardware, in the 29 millimeter sizes and above, features hard anodizing on the rear closures and on forward closures on the 29,38 and 54 millimeter sizes.

Rouse Tech 29mm motor hardware Shown from left to right are: 29/360 case, 29/240 case, 29/180 case, 29/120 case, 29/100 case and 29/60 case. Also shown are the forward open closure, forward seal disk, rear closure and forward plugged closure.The forward seal disk is used on all re-loads in the 29/360 and 29/240 cases.

Rouse Tech 38mm reload hardware use with Aerotech Reload fuel From left to right- 38/240 case, 38/360 case, 38/480 case, 38/600 case, 38/720 case and 38/1080 case. Also shown is the forward open closure, rear closure, forward seal disk and forward plugged closure. Seal disk is used on all re-loads for 38/480, 38/600, 38/720 and 38/1080 cases.

Rouse Tech 54mm motor hardware Shown here from right to left is the 54/852 case, 54/1280 case, 54/1706 case and 54/2560 case. Also shown are the following: 54mm tapped forward closure, plugged forward closure, plugged extended forward closure, open forward closure, extended open forward closure, and aft closure.

75mm Rouse Tech motors and motor hardware This is the Monster Motor 75mm hardware. Shown from right to left- 75/2560 case, 75/3840 case, 75/5120 case, 75/6400 case and 75/7680 case. Also shown are the tapped forward closure and aft closure.

98mm monster motor hardware from rouse tech Shown here is the 98mm hardware. Shown from right to left is the- 98/2560 case, 98/5120 case, 98/7680 case, 98/10240 case and 98/15360 case. Also shown is the rear closure, forward closure and forward closure with recovery shackle.

Rouse Tech forward closures Close up photo of Monster Motor Closures in various sizes.

ALL Rouse Tech products are compatible with items from Aerotech and Dr. Rocket.

Click Here for technical information in a new window.

What makes a motor?

A complete motor is a Forward and Aft Closure as well as a Case.
Once you have a complete motor all you need to do to make a different motor is to purchase another case, as the forward and aft closures will fit all cases of the same diameter.

Will my other brands of motor hardware work with Rouse Tech hardware? YES.

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